Monday, October 29, 2007

Bee Shall Overcome

Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD) is the latest threat to human race, specially to the vegetarians in the short run. There'd be no pollination, hence no more fruits, plants, etc. We'd just have to survive off of wheat, corn, and meat. A good concise read on CCD is available on Wiki ( ).

CCD is a huge threat to our survival as a specie. A video program is available on this topic on PBS' website at , which I found very informative. There's also a new Hollywood movie coming out this Friday, called 'Bee'.

I wonder if this is a mere co-incidence. Regardless of the fact, I think this movie will generate a lot of awareness of the important role that Bees play in the human food supply. Kids for sure will learn a great deal about Bees and that can only help.

This is probably is the first time that a major Hollywood animation movie would portray the complex interdependence in nature and address an environmental issue in making.

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