Saturday, December 22, 2007

CBS Sunday Morning - A minute to Nature

Every Sunday morning, like many other CBS viewers, I too tune into to get a bit more educated with the CBS Sunday Morning. There's no doubt that it is one of the best weekly glimpses that TV has to offer.

My love for this TV program has grown more so because of the dedication it has towards environment. At the end of each episode, Sunday Morning dedicates a minute at the end to show the beautiful flora and fauna from different parts of the world. Their camera crew, it seems, locates some pristine part of the wilderness and let their cameras roll. And these clips are then broadcast without any visual and audio editing.

I like the fact that CBS is beaming these serene scenes to its viewers rather than running commercials. As per the current trends in TV advertisement rates it may very well be a $500,000 hit that CBS is taking.

Good going and excellent show of environmental responsibility, CBS. Best of luck!


Anonymous said...

These nature minutes lower blood pressure. Can they be purchased?