Monday, January 28, 2008

The Axis of Extremes

Thomas Friedman modertated a discussion with Al Gore and Bono on Climate Change and Global Poverty at the World Economic Forum recently.

Bono pointed out, that the world is at threat from three extremes - extreme climate, extreme poverty, and extreme idealogies. This, I think, is the best description of the world we live in today. Nothing makes me more happy than the fact that global community has come to realize the threat from these extremes. Yet another thing that Bono highlighted was that the people who have least contributed to the crisis of environment are the most affected and have very little or no means to undo it and shield themselves.

Al Gore's frustration was that the size of the community that really discussses these issues and seriously considers doing someting about it is very small. There's a lot of chatter but it is restricted within this group of people.

The first step that we can take is to get aware of these issues and then start talking about them to others. Let's spread the news, spread the awareness, and start changing our lives. Let yourself be the first one to change by rejecting extremism, lowering down our carbon footprint and helping a budding entrepreneur in third world or donating to feed a hungry displaced child living in a refugee camp in Africa.