Sunday, January 20, 2008

Environment @ Mercy of Politicians - Sad State of Affairs

So you thought that the US Government is doing a whole lot to save our environment? Indeed, they are - President Bush has committed $5 Billion to research global warming.

You also trusted them to tell you the truth as it is. Correct? Consider this. Clinton White House wanted the scientific community to exaggerate the gravity of global warming, whereas the Bush White House wants to undermine it. Actually, "wants to undermine it" is an understatement. It seems, as per the CBS documentary on global warming on January 20, 2008 that the current administration has done all it possibly can to prevent the truth about global warming from getting out to the world. They have restrained top scientists from speaking to media, forced people to resign from their jobs, edited scientific reports with political gibberish and misrepresented scientific findings to the public. Take this for example - a report from a top scientist from NASA said that increased human activity is leading to global warming. Chief of Staff of the White House's Council on Environmental Quality sent it back edited to say that human activity may be leading to global warming. That was not all. There were paragraphs deleted and edited to make the report sound as if there's nothing proven yet. Here's are two examples of these edits: "Earth is undergoing a period of rapid change" was changed to "Earth may be undergoing a period of rapid change". Words like "uncertainity" were edited to read "significant remaining uncertainity". Lines were crossed out, such as, "energy production contributes to warming" is crossed out.

Isn't this Perjury?

The sad part of it is that the people doing it all are not trained scientists, but lawyers and career politicians, who are also probably lobbyists for large energy and oil companies or organizations like American Petroleum Institute. Where's the transparency in it. Since when have the politicians been granted immunity from punishment for gross misrepresentation of truth. Isn't this perjury? Shouldn't the concerned White House staff be behind bars for this?

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